Volunteers Needed for First Lego Leagues Robotics Competition Saturday 12/7

I’m forwarding a request for your assistance with First Lego Leagues Robotics Competition Saturday 12/7
First Lego Leagues Robotics is a great STEM activity for students age 9 to 14.


iSPACE will be hosting a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) regional qualifying tournament for 12 teams on Saturday, December 7th. We have many volunteer opportunities available and need help!

Referees, Judges, MC/Game Announcer, A/V operator/ DJ, Scorekeeper & Assistant, Practice Table Manager, Runners & Escorts, Field Resetters, Judging & Robot Game queuers, Volunteer Room Assistant, Registration/Information Table

This year’s FLL theme is “City Shaper”. Here’s a link to what this year’s challenge kick-off video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_mTQZQ8Kzc&feature=youtu.be

We invite you to volunteer for the tournament. These fun events are as engaging for the volunteers as they are for the student participants. Volunteers will receive a t-shirt, breakfast, lunch and a great deal of appreciation from the area students who participate.

FIRST does require volunteers to have a basic background check (done on-line, paid for by FIRST, and good for several years of volunteering!) so it does take a day or two to complete the volunteer process. That info can be found at https://www.firstinspires.org/ . Go to the “ways to help” tab and click volunteer. From there, just follow the process to register and check out volunteer opportunities.

Questions? Need help? Contact me at ohschrantz@fuse.net

Thank you!

Danielle Schrantz

iSPACE FLL Tournament Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Sharon Smith


Customer Liaison

Volunteer Coordinator

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