Volunteers and art for contemporary arts center

I mentioned at the meeting that I need four to six volunteers for the contemporary arts center event. It will be in two weeks on July third at 6pm (bad timing, I know).

I also need several pieces of led art. I believe Shaddox is working on something, hopefully Starbucks flower of life will be working by then, and possibly Galileo’s finger. If anyone has any other light/led art we can always use more!

Thanks everyone!

Hi Jon,

I’m 90% sure I can be there. For LED art…I’ve been wanting to put some LEDs inside that curvy vase I 3D printed. Probably won’t get anything fancy done in time, but even a few learn-to-solder LEDs should look cool…


The edge lit RFID box can be part of that, if we get it working in time… which I hope we do! :slight_smile:

I'm a volunteer for this by default. Part of what Jaime from the CAC was looking for was simple light based projects that they could provide materials, tools and workspace for visitors to try and the Hive13 members could provide guidance on. Demonstrations of what you've already created would of course be a great addition to that. I had talked with her about making LED throwies, solar powered mason jar lanterns and moulding candles. I'm sure there are more inspired ideas than those out there but that was what came to mind for me.


I can’t be there, unfortunately. Lindsey and I are going up to Michigan to visit her extended family that weekend.

However, I have a dozen or two mason jars and plenty of yellow 10mm LEDs to make a ton of simple light up mason jar lanterns. I’ve also got some frosted glass spray paint. You do a few coats on the inside and outside of the jar and double side tape an LED and coin cell (aka an LED throwie) to the inside of the lid. They look fantastic and are dead simple to make. I’d be happy to donate everything I’ve got if someone will spearhead instructing people the day of the event.

I’m planning to attend the July 1st meeting since it’s a free Tues between the end of Flag Football and the start of Sand Volleyball leagues. I can bring the stuff then or just swing down another night sooner to drop stuff off. Someone could spray paint the jars ahead of time so the event goers just need to hook up an LED throwie and stick it to the inside of the jar.


Just re-read Daniel’s post and realized the CAC would provide materials. I’m still willing to donate my stuff for someone to practice on and make demo pieces for the event goers to check out.


What about those led wedding things? The like block that was laser cut and held glass with LEDs underneath it?

This project from the 555 contest would be great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQOjkuJtBfM It’s simple enough to build (soldering not required) and it’s super interactive.

I also have the LED whack-a-mole game from last year’s maker faire if you need something people can play with.


Does anyone have project ideas involving soft circuitry (a combination of electronics and fiber arts or clothing)? Specifically something involving lights and beginner level construction?

I can loan a stack of carved wooden faces, 2"x2" or a little smaller.
Maybe be available as volunteer.


I can’t help on July 3. I’ll be working that night on a float for a 4th of July parade the next day.

However, I’ll give you a check-out and help you prep to transport and setup Galileo’s finger for your event, if you want it. It is not hard. It breaks down and transports in several (somewhat bulky and still fragile) pieces. If you want it and will take care of it, that is what it is for.

Reply or see me at a next meeting before then.


No car, but I should be able to do everything else.

This isn’t a perfect match for your requirements, but one idea that occurred to me was setting up a few workstations with the Arduino development environment. This would let us provide hands on exposure to those addressable LED strips we’re all using in our lighted projects.

Would there be interest in and space for this?

I have my Wedding block with the LED if guys want to borrow it for display or something I have a site I need to work on some computers in Cinci area later in the week if there someone I can drop it off with ??

Sign me up to volunteer!

I am planning to volunteer tonight at CAC, 6pm

We are all meeting down at the hive from now until about 5 or 5:30.

If I’m already downtown, should I just head directly to the CAC? What time?

head to CAC, now.

Mr. Marcus Porter, I've been told by Jon Neal that you had lasered up a shit load of puzzle boxes at some point in the past and that you may have some you would be willing to sell or donate. If you don't would you be willing to create some in a hurry before the event on Thursday July 24th (this Thursday)?