Volunteer Requested, Sunday Dec 29th, Noon for Ductwork work

Looking for a volunteer to stand on a ladder and help hold up duct work. No experience necessary.


  1. Not afraid of heights
  2. Won’t fall off ladder
  3. Will to refer to me as “Lord and master of the woodshop and all that contains, as pre-ordained by his noodily goodness, my his grace flow ever outward” when ever I speak to them.

All joking aside, I’ve gotten to the point where I need an extra set of hands. Probably take a few hours, say 3-4, but maybe longer.

If nobody can make it, I can put it off until next weekend, or whatever works for people.

I can help you tomorrow, my liege.

I’ll be out around lunch, but no “my liege” stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I insist that I have no fear of heights! It's just the sudden drop at the end of a fall that I fear.

i have to assume you mean Jan 29th :slight_smile:

Sounds great guys. And yes Tiffany, the rumors of my time machine have been greatly exaggerated, I mean Nicholas the Terrible still started the bloody purge of 1965, right? :wink:

Ughh. Sorry, stuck at home, so lame. Hope all is going well.

Brad, Nancy, and Tim showed up, which was enough to get things done. Greg and Hank also pitched in a bit.

I got to exercise my Ninja duct assembly skills.

And hear the sound of broken glass from across the room . . . . . :flushed:

Hank should be minding his schoolwork. :stuck_out_tongue:

He asked about you.