Hey Guys,

I’m from the Toledo area where we are trying to get a hackerspace of our own off the ground. We’re looking for some inspiration and after checking out your site, I think some of us are ready to come down there and check you guys out!

Will anybody be available on Saturday afternoon to give us a quick tour of the space and talk a little about how the space is organized?

I can probably stop down there this Saturday for a little while to show you around. Around about what time will you be in town?


I can also be available too if Dave can’t make it.



Will you guys be available at noon or 1pm?

Yes, I can be there around then. I’ll email you my phone number separately so you can call when you’re getting close.


Excellent, thank you so much!

Hey guys,

Just a confirmation from us here in Toledo that we will in fact be there tomorrow around noon-12:30.

See you then!

Oh hey if you come through Dayton anytime between noon and midnight tomorrow feel free to stop by Dayton Diode.

Excellent Joseph!
Expect us!

I will also be there around Noon at the Hive. There is another friend stopping by from California so we can do multiple tours then :slight_smile: