Visiting for a while from Noisebridge


I find myself in the Cincinnati area for a few weeks and bear greetings from Noisebridge! I am wondering if there is a putatively best time to visit the space, or should I just drop by when you are open?

My trip here has been unexpectedly extended a few weeks, so I definitely would like to be able to work on a couple of projects at Hive. They are very small electronic fab projects that don’t explode and are unlikely to achieve malevolent sentience. The main thing I am trying to finish right now is an arduino controlled TDCS unit, so if anyone is interested in that kind of thing, fun can be had.


We are open to the public on Tuesdays. I’m sure somebody could meet your down there outside of that though. I personally don’t have any availability until Sunday. If anybody else is planning on being at the space this week perhaps you could show Judas around. Judas, if you sign the disclaiming stating you won’t sue us if you blow yourself up, I’m sure it will be fine for you to work on your projects in the space.


I’ll be going down there Friday during the day. Hit me up on gchat to check in first or send me an email and I’ll shoot you my number.

Dave, All,

Dave, that’s great. I will try to get with you during the day on Fri to see if you are heading in. And thanks to all, I will definitely stop by on Tues, and Tiffany, as soon as I get my new parts in (didn’t expect to be here long enough to work on this, so didn’t bring my parts) I will ping you.

Thanks everyone.