Vintage Computers

Would anyone be interested in a Vintage Personal Computers Tuesday night talk? I’ve got a few old machines and was wondering if anyone would like to learn about their history, how they work and how the differ from modern computing.

I’d love to see if anyone else had some older computers they’d like to show off as well.



Id be interested.

Ill send you a personal message Bill and we can get a date hammered down.


Works for me. If Tiff does beer for October, the vintage computers gets November.

JimD (in Chicago)

Yes from me

That sounds awesome Bill!

If anyone owns an Altair 8800 or an IMSAI 8080 I can demonstrate them as well.


Bill are you good for doing a second tuesday talk in November?

Also raiseshand

Sounds awesome.

I might bring the kids for this one. Keep me posted.



Sounds like a blast!

Count me in, I can bring a few toys of my own.

If anyone is planning on bringing a computer, can you reply to this thread with what it is. I’d like to incorporate as many as possible in to my talk.

I will have components from the early 1900’s up through 1975… and from there I will have actual computers from 1975 through 1982. (Altair 8800, Apples, Sinclairs)

I don’t really want anything newer, as they’re not really vintage. :wink:

This talk will be mostly about those special “transitional” machines that each in their own right brought something new to computing.