Video Production so Far

Hey all,

Checked the raw footage from yesterday. This is a bit so people can see it (looks and sounds nice). This is uncut, and unedited, so keep that in mind.

Please go past 1:50 – The noise was brutal, so I planted the wireless mic, which makes things intelligible at that point. It is VERY hard to get decent sound in a setting like this with so much “walla”. This will work, though.

I have good PTDR footage, but that looks bad raw (needs to be edited).

I’d like to do some interviews today. Anything else I should do while I have the camera gear? Also, for PTDR I will need a second operator – too much wind, so I’ll need a sound person to run the shotgun mic & lavs (It’s too much to put on camera when I put the zeppelins on the mics)