Vertical Wood Storage renewal

It’s that time again. Actually, it’s past time. If you have vertical wood storage and want to renew it, please post in this thread with your name and one project you’re actively working on that needs it, and it’ll be renewed until the end of September.

The page for it on the wiki is at, and I’ll be updating it as people renew.

Also, if you want a spot, please post here, even if your name is on the list already, just so I know what is and isn’t stale.


I would like a spot. I have some wood currently in the spot previously used by Ryan Hershey, though I can move that any time if needed. I’m using this wood to build a tbd piece of furniture (most likely a filing cabinet), but it needs to be faced and planed first so I’m doing that little by little.

Let me know if I need to move it or anything like that. Thanks.


I’d like to keep my spot. I’ve made a few cutting boards, and have a wedding “alternative sign book” to make in the next month for a friend. I’m also sure there will be other projects for me to do, as I’m getting some free time back in the next month. :slight_smile:

I'd like to renew my spot, I have been working on trying to complete an in lay on our cnc machine. I've been mostly hung up with the precesion.


I would like to keep my space. I am continuing my work on replacing wooden windows for my house.

As the new Woodworking Warden, I updated the list based on the responses to Greg’s post.

I need to follow up with Nancy to see which shared spot she is in, as I did not see her name on the list.

I will assign a spot to Mike Nute per his request.