Vertical wood storage clean out

Hey all,

Along with the Saturday cleanup, I’d like to start going through vertical wood storage.

These storage spaces are supposed to be for short term use while actively working on a project (weeks to 3 months). Some of the spaces haven’t seen use in over a year.

We have people who are actively working on projects with large wood who would greatly benefit from an open temporary spot. There are no open storage spots, so the wood is piling up and cluttering/hindering the woodshop badly, so the overall use of the woodshop is suffering, too.

If you have a space and you haven’t used it in a few weeks or months… Or a year, please consider moving your wood elsewhere. If you once had a space or shared a space and are unsure if you still have that space, you do. I haven’t moved anything with labels… yet. But it’s time to make some room!

Please contact me to renew your space if you really think you need to keep it. Remember the hive isn’t supposed to be cold storage for personal materials for months or years.



TL;DR - Wood storage is being cleaned out. If you have materials stored, contact me to keep your space if you actively need it.

This is my personal renewal for my storage space. I use it several times each week.

I’d like to renew my space, even though I believe most if not all that is being stored there is for others since there wasn’t any free room.

I might as well throw this up to renew my few items.

I’d like to renew Mikes space - we have two big projects planned and will be down there the next 2-3mos working on making a learning tower for Oliver and cubbies for our house

Firstly to respond to requests:

Coy - If I can clear out one of the two 12" wide spaces, would you want use one of those instead of the smaller 6" space you are currently using? I know you have a lot of wood here yourself that isn’t in storage. You also help a lot of people out with their personal projects, and it would be great to be able to store their wood temporarily in a safe/labeled space. Let me know.

Daniel - I’m fine with you keeping some items here as long as you have a plan to work on them in the next few months. Since you only have a few items, it would e nice if you could partner with someone else who only has a few things, and share a space. Once I get more responses on here, I’ll let you know who else would be available for this arrangement if it’s alright with both of you.

Tiffany/Mike - Sounds good! I’ll put a better label on your space since you want to keep it for a few months.

Now, here are the rest of the people that I haven’t heard from that have things stored:

Jon Neal

Ryan Hershey
Lorin Parker
Tom Meyer
Daniel/Will Hopkins
James Hartley

      • I assume that Lorin, Jon and Ryan will want to keep their spaces as they are being used frequently, but I’d still like to hear from you all to make sure.

There is also a conglomeration of random items/peices of wood in the last 2 or 3 spaces, that has been put there unlabeled. If you think any of this is yours, lat me know ASAP. After another month it will then belong to general purpose hive wood for anyone to use.

Heads up that I will be more regularly and methodically going through these. Each quarter (3 months) people will need to renew their spaces. Next one will be at the end of June. If you haven’t done anything with your materials in the space in that quarter previously, I’ll need a really good reason for that material to continue to be stored here.

I would like to keep my space.

I will be cutting a lot of it in 3 weeks, when the semester ends. I’ll also remove surplus and make usable wood available for hive stash.


I’d also like to keep my wood there for the short term. I don’t have all of it committed to active projects so I’ll try to move it out in the next couple of weeks. (although if there was a long-term wood storage at Hive, I would definitely appreciate/use it)

Lorin - Thanks for letting me know about your space. Our scraps bin and shelves have been dwindling lately (because people have been using the scraps, YAY!!!) so it would be great to add leftovers to those.

Tom - That sounds good. I’m not sure if you have your own defined space, or if your items are just labeled in the storage (I’ll be down today so I can check). Depending on how much you want to keep stored at the hive, would you be willing to share a space with someone who only has a few items? That space would be labeled with both your names, and pieces inside labeled as well, so there is no confusion.

Long term storage for anything other than the contents of a storage box (or a shelve, until we can get more pallets to continue the transition to only storage boxes). isn’t really feasible for the hive. I definitely hear you, and others have said the same, but the hive isn’t a storage facility. Special arrangements for long term projects or storage can be made though, so that’s always an option on a case by case basis. :slight_smile: