Vertical Storage Slot 8

There is material (Including 2 sheets of nice quality plywood) stored in vertical storage slot 8, however that slot is supposed to be empty. If that material belongs to you, please email me ASAP at, as if it is not claimed by the next time I am in it will be placed in the scrap pile for any member to use as they wish.

Vertical Storage Slot 8 is the only slot left that is not up to date on it's reservation or empty.

Please let me know if you have material in that slot or would like another slot. There are two available if anyone needs one.


Kevin McLeod
Wood Working Warden

Just checking Mike still has a slot with his name on it right? It was like half a slit I think but just checking it wasn’t ours…


Are you around after Christmas to help me with my simple project (which will use up the plywood and free up my storage?). Sorry I’ve been out of touch – lots of busy and family stuff. I’ve been making it back to hive more often now. I’m looking forward to doing this project, but just can’t manage the table saw safely.

Hope you are well.


I’ll be back in town the evening of the 28th, so anytime after that I should be able to help out.


Mike does not have a slot assigned to him currently, but you are assigned slot V-9.

Just so everyone knows, here is the full list of reservations (next renewal is 2019-02-05)

Status going forward Expires work to do
Elly Hall 2/5/2019 good
Vacant - empty
Daniel McNamara 2/5/2019 good
Meydan Tayar 2/5/2019 good
Lorin Parker 2/5/2019 good
John McCarthy 2/5/2019 good
Paul Marsh 2/5/2019 good
Unclaimed - needs claimed or emptied
Tiffany Bell-Howarth 2/5/2019 good
Coy Paeltz 2/5/2019 good
Will Bauer 2/5/2019 good
Tim Gregg 2/5/2019 good
Doug Schmidt 2/5/2019 good
Kevin McLeod 2/5/2019 good
Hive13 Projects - good



sorry, realized that table wasn’t labeled, it’s in order by slot number with slot one (closest to the wall) at the top.