Vacuum Forming this Weekend

Is anyone available this weekend sometime to help me out with a vacuum forming attempt? I am familiar with the process and it seems pretty straight forward, but I have never actually done it myself and I saw it is marked as “requires training” on the tools list.

If no one is available this weekend, is there any chance I can get the thumbs up to give it a go without training? Seems like there is minimal risk to safety or equipment; I just need to make sure to not start a fire with the heating element and don’t scald myself on hot plastic, right?



I should be able to come in this weekend at some point to give you a hand.

When would be a good time for you?

I'm available on Saturday from 11am to 4:30. I can get you set up. It's actually best as a team task to lower the hot plastic. Do you have a form made up?

Huh I wasn’t aware the vacuformer required training…

Just so you know, vacuum forming sucks!!! (When done properly.) :smiley:


If you could meet me tomorrow (Saturday) around noon that would be great. I have the form ready and the sheets cut, all I need to do now is heat it up, drop the sheet and suck the air.