Using the facility

My name is Kaaviyaa and I graduated from UC last year. Now I live inLexington, I would love to use your facility this weekend to do some laser cutting. There is no elaborate facility such as this in Lexington. I am not a member of Hive and I work over the week, weekends are my only bet to travel to Cincinnati. I would be willing to pay hourly rates to use the facility if that is a possibility. One of my friends is a member and He is unavailable this weekend to accompany me to the facility. Is there a possibility for me to use the Laser cutter over this weekend?. I really hope we can come to some arrangement and would totally appreciate the consideration.
Thank you


I’m sure we can work something out.

What times were you thinking?
What are you looking to cut?
How much?

We would not charge for the time, maybe some snacks?

Let us know the details and we can work with you.

President Hive13

If you don’t mind dodging random mops and vacuums, the Hive will be open for our monthly cleaning, potluck and game night this Saturday the 10th from 3P onward. Someone would likely be able to assist with Laser operation.

  • Ry

Sunday Around Noon! I have to cut wood, one of the world map and one of Detroits map. Each about 24”x36”. I will surprise you with something awesome from Lexington- snacks. I totally appreciate you responding me so soon and letting me use the facility.
Thank you

Great! See you Sunday!