Use and Care for the New Welding Tables

The first of the two new welding tables is ready to use. These new welding tables are a different style and higher quality than the old grate-topped one we had. The steel plate top has been shimmed flat to give us a nice working surface to fixture off of and the steel will provide a good ground plane. However, they will need to be treated nicely to stay nice.

In order to keep the steel tops nice for everyone, the following guidelines should be followed with these new welding tables:

1) Do not weld or tack directly too the table, the 3/8" steel will warp from the heat if you do that, ruining the steel plate.

2) Avoid grinding the table. Accidents will happen, but do not use a grinder or flap disk to try and "clean" the table. Weld splatter and such should be removed by hand scraping, not grinding.

3) Try to avoid cutting with a grinder or cutoff wheel directly over the table where you might over cut into the table accidentally.

4) Do not paint or finish projects on these tables, they should remain clean steel. If you need to paint, stain, or lacquer something and you want the exhaust from the blower in the dirty room, use the old welding table and cover the new ones FULLY with paper or a drop cloth (paper is on the end of the new work table, drop cloths are under the big CNC). We additionally had a paint booth tent you can use stored above the flammables cabinet. Please do whatever you can to avoid getting overspray on the new welding table tops.


Kevin McLeod
Woodworking Warden

Thanks Kevin!
Nice work!

great work!