USB extender

Hello all, does anyone have a USB extension that I can borrow down at the hive? Need it for like 30 mins for a project. I’m on a bit of a deadline.


Have several at home.

It’s fine. I wanted it to connect the laser USB and run it to the win 10 computer. We managed to find one barely long enough (once we pulled the laser towards the computer) but I couldn’t figure out the drivers.

It might be nice to have an extension in the fablab though. Possibly make it easier to run the laser from the win 10 computer in there, or make a person’s life easier when they are trying to hook up the vinyl cutter to a computer.

Unless someone has an extra one they would like to donate, I can put it on the fablab warden budget.

What are the exact sizes for the two connections you’re trying to make?

I believe you want longer than the length of the room front to back but if you dont want it running as a trip hazard even longer!

I can probably donate one. Length?

I believe a 6 footer would be adequate, but if you have a 10 footer that might be nice to have around.

The one I have is only about 5 ft.