Urgent Help is Needed Moving Hive13 the rest of this month

We have until the beginning of August to get out of the old building! Garden St. Has a new Tennant lined up, so we must be out.

We have had incredibly good turnout and been highly effective the last few weeks, things are going very well! Thanks so much to everyone who has been helping, you are incredible!

We understand that this weekend is a holiday weekend, so turnout may be low, but please, if you are able, show up to help!

After the 4th weekend though, we need as many people as we can get to show up at both new and old Hive13! We have a small dedicated team who are pushing electrical work forward, and a few members working on access control. Anyone not on those teams, please show up ready to pack up things at the old building and carry them over to the new Hive. No amount of effort is too small for that task, we need EVERYONE to help! There are a million small things that can be packed into any small car and carried over!

Please bring anything other than wood shop items in and place them in the front of the new space. We are using that space as a staging area so the shops stay clear for electrical work. The woodshop is up and running, so wood shop related items can go straight back.

I'll be in at 1:00 to work on the Move. I'll only be staying till 4:00, but others will be around till 9ish working on moving and the new space. If you are at all able, please come help! Likewise for 10:00a-4:00p Saturday and Sunday!

Thanks so much to everyone who is lending thier Hustle to the effort, you are Hive13 Heros!


Kevin M.
Hive13 Secretary

bump - I’ll be in 2929 by 10:45 to tear down the fab lab racks

Please come help

I'm out of town until Wednesday. I can be available after that.


I am driving back from Greenville to Louisville today and will trip up to be in Cincinnati all day tomorrow/Monday and then come back at least Wednesday/Thursday to help on the 2929SG to 2701SG transition this week.

I’ve communicated with leadership recently about Cincinnati friend TomH doing an estate clearance that includes his Dad’s shop tools. Most of the best stuff stays in their family, but TomH has offered the Hive an initial four tub random hand tool collection donation. With leadership’s inputs, I’ll bring that donation to 2701SG to sort through on Monday morning. There may be more stuff and perhaps storage cabinetry for the Hive as TomH sorts through remaining things.


Just another reminder, we need EVERYONE who can show up to come help move things from our old space to the new space whenever you can over the next month.

NO LOAD IS TOO SMALL, carry what you can carry, whether in your car or on a dolly and walking to the new building. Everyone is welcome to also use Dave B’s truck to move things, the key is on the kitchen awning.

We will continue to have coordinated move workdays EVERY THURSDAY, 6:00-9:00pm and EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, 10:00am-5:00pm. But if you can’t make those times, please just come whenever you can, there is always work that can be done.


Kevin M.

As discussed on Tuesday’s meeting, here are the goals/milestones for this week/weekend:


  • Move Lasers
  • Move CNC
  • Move Glass Equipment


  • Completely empty FabLab and Clean/Repair as needed to turn back over to Garden Street
  • Completely empty and move Welding Room, clean out so it never needs to be reopened
  • Completely empty and move Lounge, clean out so it never needs to be reopened
  • Pull Cables for Panel W so that John and Todd can keep making progress on hookups

My wife and I will be there this saturday 7/11 from 10am-2p to help.

I’ll bring our F250 and the open trailer to load. I have straps if needed.

If we have 4 people we can pull the cap off the back of the truck in like 2min. It’ll make loading/unloading of the bed way easier.

See you all on Saturday.


Hi Hive13,

Karen and I have decided to get out of Hamilton County for a few weeks. We’re heading into the woods.

Sorry I won’t be around to help with wiring.

See ya later in July.

Be safe,

  • Todd

Weekend opportunities. It’s not just about moving.

  • The Fab Lab door needs to be replaced and the wall patched with drywall.

  • Carpenter skills required for this repair are rated as medium.

  • The Fab Lab AC units need to be removed and the holes for laser and AC covered with Drywall.

  • The Lounge AC needs to be removed and covered with drywall

  • There is a big hole in the Lounge where the laser poster was. That needs to be covered with drywall.

  • I’m going to be working on door security in 2701 on Saturday starting in mid morning. 10 am or earlier. The front door is close to operational. The crashbars for the middle and rear stair well doors are in house. Padlocks for the elevator doors are in and hasps will soon be fabricated.


I sure can’t blame you for getting out of Hamilton County. All your help so far has been very appreciated. Stay safe and have some fun.

John Clark

Todd, your help was simply incredible. Be safe!

If anyone is looking for ways to help, everything along the pathway in the middle of the main space in the old building is fair game to put in a car/truck and carry over to the new building. This includes the workbench and everything around it.

If anyone is comfortable working on a ladder, it would also be nice to salvage all the black iron pipe, fittings, and valves from the air system to be recycled in the new building.

The Lounge AC also needs to be removed and the hole patched up

Thanks for everyone’s help this weekend!


Kevin M.

Hive13 Secretary

Task list for week from meeting:

  • Empty old space 100% except member storage
  • repairs to old space
  • salvage air lines from old space
  • work on network in new space
  • pull cable for panel W
  • clean up new space, make it a little more organized, set up tool bench
  • get laser up and working

Last night it was only Brian and I working on stuff. We still have an epic ton of work to do, if you are able to come in and help, please do!

I will come down this evening and help out.

Thank you,

For what it’s worth there were four of us there yesterday afternoon.
Of course, we can always use more help.

I will probably be there Saturday morning.

For y'all looking to work today, here is the list still needed at 2929:

1) repair drywall around FabLab door
2) repair trim around FabLab door and other hallway door
3) remove remaining air lines
4) remove @blundar's workbench

All of that should be considered higher priority than anything at 2701.