We need a couple of line isolating UPSes (APC SmartUPS or similar) approximately 1000-2200 VA capacity. We have plenty of batteries to repair units with dead batteries, but we don’t have any suitable units. If you have anything laying around would you please drag it in and donate? I’m going to begin scouring craigslist and ebay but I wanted to reach out to the membership first.
-Dave B.

I’m pretty sure i do, i’ll look at what i have and post make & model when i get off of work.

ok, i have (2) “APC Back-UPS ES 350”
unfortunately they are only rated as 120V Capacity though. Sorry.

Is it Just me or this been out a commission for awhile now ?!?

Probably. There has been a lot of chaos with the network in the past week or so. We now have a remotely-pointable IP camera as well. These things will be set up as time permits. We were more concerned with getting core network up and running.

Went ahead and got the spy cam working again tonight along with a couple of other things. The network is pretty stable now and everything should be usable. The next thing on my list for the network is finishing running some permanent drops to several places in the space so nothing too critical.

I have an apc smartups 1000xl that is getting so little use, I feel bad keeping it. Did you ever find a suitable ups?

I’d love to have another one. I have another server + a SCSI JBOD disc shelf to hook up that will overload the current UPSes.


Are you going to be able to let go of that UPS or should I start making plans for an alternative? We’ve got plenty of batteries we can adapt but there isn’t enough load switching capacity to hook up any of the new storage we have.

If anyone else has any 1000-2200 VA UPSes they can lay their paws on, we’ll gladly take them with or without batteries.


Yes. I will bring it by hopefully thi s week. It can accept extra batteries and the batteries ib it are less than a year old.

Thanks a bunch!