Update Temporary Wood Project Storage

It is past time that I should have sent this out. Please let me know if you need temporary large wood storage for a project. If you already have storage, please let me know if I should extend it. I am going to extend to the end of the calendar year to get this back on a regular quarterly update.




Please extend me my most recent project is a double X table.

I’d like to keep mine.

id like to keep mine

I have responses from a few people. There are many more that are using storage that have not replied. I want to remind you that the wiki is the official place we track storage space, not only by putting your name on a vertical storage spot. This includes letting me know how long you will need the space for your project so I can let others know when space will be freed up. For those that do have a space marked with your name, I have updated the wiki with your name until January.

Also, I am not sure who has material in spot 6. With this spot being used, all spots are in use.

Finally, I want to confirm that spots 13-15 is Hive reserved storage. Can one of the officers confirm that is Hive material stored in those spots. If it is, I would like to claim some of it for Hive 13 woodworking area projects. If not, please let’s make other arrangements.



Sorry I’m late responding. This last week was super busy, I was maid of honor in a wedding so I was running around.

I’d like to renew my space.

Since the last renewal, I’ve made an alternative sign book for a different wedding, a few necklaces, and started an art project. In the new period I’m going to be starting a collapsible, repositionable drawing/drafting table top.


I need to renew my vert wood storage space as I am still using it for topo map projects space.

I’ve got a space I would like to retain. I would be willing to share, though, as I only need 1/2 really.

Please mark me through the end of the year as I started a new project.