Update on the AC units

So, I stopped by this morning to see how things went with the electrician and noticed… it is much cooler in the Hive than outside! The two ACs seemed to keep the temperature fairly steady at least. It has been about 70 the whole time I have been here.

I went ahead and installed another unit. That means we are up to three in the main space. The temp. did go up a few degrees while I was installing the new one since I had a huge hole in the window and one of the vent fans on, but now that I have the new one turned on it feels like it is cooling down pretty well.

It is currently 75F outside, and the thermometer next to me is reading 72 (new AC has only been on for about 15 minutes), but the humidity has dropped several percent since I turned the new one on.

Good stuff! It feels great here!


P.S. You can control every unit with the same remote (you do have to point it at each specific unit). I’m leaving one on top of the AC by the meeting table if you want to play around with it, but put it back when you’re done!

Thank you sir. I’m planning on dropping in Sat/Sun to see how effective this setup will be.

Let’s see, wunderground.com thinks it will be… 106 on Sunday?!? Ok, checked a couple other sites and that sounds a little high. But all the forecasts predict highs well over 90 through Monday at least. Excellent timing getting them in.

Yes, I can’t wait, to actually make it back down there and see this…

as a fat nerd i can't tell you how happy this makes me.

Okay that was funny.