Update on Galeleo's finger


Significant woodworking progress has been made this past weekend on
the pedestal base for our display of the RiverCity blown glass version
of Galeleo's finger.

It will be at tomorrow's meeting to show the progress and get a group

On a related note, before we throw out all unused electronics, think
to save several circuit boards to include inside the glass dome on
this pedestal base. We're looking for sets of three or six identical
boards (functional or non-functional just to look cool) that are
probably in the 2"x3" size or 3" x 5" size.

You'll see the idea tomorrow night. The goal is to finish it for the
Birthday party.


On on that noteā€¦I put the finger in the glass cabinet with the wine glasses :slight_smile:

This was to try to keep it safe.