Update on front door lock. Needs new strike plate.

OK so here’s an update on the front door situation.

As mentioned previously, there was a mechanical issue that was causing the latch to jam such that it could not be opened from the inside or outside.
It turns out the issue is with the size and positioning of the hole in the strike plate.
If the door was closed with enough force, the dead-latch plunger would get stuck inside the strike plate, and the lateral force on the plunger would prevent the latch from retracting.

A temporary fix has been implemented in the filing a notch in the strike plate (the strike plate needs to be replaced for a permanent fix anyway) so that the dead-latch plunger can fit through.
This is NOT how the latch is meant to work, but it allows for somewhat normal (though rough) operation.

For a permanent fix the strike plate will need to be replaced and positioned properly.

An update on this.

It seems even with the temporary fix the door is still sticking quite a bit.
If the latch ends up jamming on you, try pushing it towards the inside then opening it and that might help it get unstuck.

We should probably contact the landlord and see what options we have as far as repairing it goes.

As I’ve mentioned in Slack, it’s important that the new strike plate be the right size and be positioned properly.
Locking latches with deadlatch plungers on them are very sensitive to misalignment with the strike plate and should have very little play when closed.
(The margin for error is smaller than the width of the plunger, and the plunger is only a few mm wide)