Update - Galileo beta test prior to HIVE July 21 party and Detroit Maker Faire?

Galileo's finger will be on display operating in beta test at the HIVE
tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

The three sonar distance sensors are working. They use a sample set
median value filter to smooth out the noise in the sensed distances.
The firmware runs an initial Red/Green/Blue color test pattern then
loops thru Red/Green/Blue in seek mode. It displays the approach from
each direction as descending colored lights in sequence. When all
three sonars sense being as close as the table, it goes into woohoo

Sadly, the sixth board is still not installed, but the first five are
working just fine.

We've got a good chance to be ready for the HIVE July 21 party and
perhaps the Detroit Maker Faire?


Awesome! I look forward to seeing it tomorrow.

Congrats Jim!!

If you need any circuit help you know I’m here for you, but an email away…