Update and motion for tonight's meeting - HIVE table saw recommendation

Fellow HIVERs,

This post is an update and motion for tonight’s meeting.

Since last week’s meeting, the shop tool committee (currently Jim, DaveL, Jon, and the other officers) has formed and started investigated current table saw acquisition opportunities.

By the way, this committee is an open volunteer opportunity. Any member is welcome to join this informal working group that reports back to the membership. Just reply to Ian or a committee member and be ready to help. Members are welcome to also join this group’s working conversation at: [https://groups.google.com/a/hive13.org/d/forum/shoptoolcommittee]. Note this task-specific discussion requires member login and is off-line to general public trolling.

As a progress update, after forming last week, the committee identified and posted to the general/open HIVE mailing list [http://wiki.hive13.org/index.php/Mailing_List] an initial list of 8 candidate table saws for consideration from Craig’s List in Cincinnati. That post generated a lively open discussion during this past week. During the week, an additional candidate was identified from Craig’s List in Indianapolis. The committee favors this candidate as our current recommendation to the membership and has made initial contact with the seller in Indianapolis. In a spirit of openness, and at risk of spilling the beans, or naively worsening our negotiating position, the link to this opportunity is [http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/tls/4236882564.html] for consideration by the full membership. The committee thinks this would be a good addition to the HIVE.

Be it therefore moved (sounds formal doesn’t it), the committee puts forward a motion as new business for tonight’s meeting that the HIVE membership vote to authorize the committee to proceed to check-out and negotiate for best-deal purchase of this particular table saw (or other future saw of equivalent budget (+20%/-50%) if this deal falls through). The membership is solicited for volunteers to join the committee willing to go to see, pick-up and transport this intended purchased equipment from Indianapolis and to install it at the HIVE. Consideration of any-and-all functional and safety considerations are left open as a subsequent topic for ongoing discussion and future decision/action of the membership.

We are always sorting out how we do such formal business. I personally am out-of-town and will not be at tonight’s meeting. I will vote “YES” on this motion and leave it to other at tonight’s meeting to determine any additional details and how to implement a mutually satisfactory (hopefully favorable) vote of the membership in this regard.


You can use my truck if you need it. I will not be there tonight either but I vote Yes too.
Dave B

Does it come with any anti-kickback features like a splitter or riving knife, or will we need to cobblome together ?
Does it come with a blade guard?
What kind of dust collection hookup?