Upcoming Classes/Events at Hive13

Wanted to remind you all of some upcoming classes at Hive13. Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and all those interested to learn more are welcome on Tuesday, September 12, after the 7:30pm business meeting.

Tomorrow Night (September 13) at 7:30pm Mike Horwath will be presenting a short class on 3D Design for 3D printing. He’ll cover topics such as which 3D software is best for what kinds of designs and how to stage your design for best printing.
Is your world of 3D printing projects limited to just downloading someone else’s designs from Thingiverse? Are you itching to design your own awesome 3D printed creation (like a gyrovoronoid) but don’t know where to start? This introductory talk and discussion is for YOU!

Following that up on Saturday September 17th at 2pm, Stephen Walsh will be giving an Introduction Class to the Software Blender. Blender can be used to create some amazing 3D models. Characters can be created and “rigged” for movement then animated. Pretty much any cinematic in any 3D game can be created in Blender. Actual game mechanics are usually handled in a different program like Unity.

Finally, on Saturday, September 24th Lorin Parker will be doing a Fusion360 class. The course will be VERY BEGINNER FRIENDLY, and not assume that you know or have done 3D CAD ever.
Fusion is a great software, often used for 3D printing and for the CNC machines. Lorin enjoys the intuitive workflow and enhanced ability to make “things” rather than complex parts and assemblies or highly parametric stuff that Fusion offers. The class would be a sort of intro to pro CAD workflows, as well as making a simple designs for a 3D printer or CNC machine. We’ll both print something (3D print) and cut something (CNC) modeled in this class.

This month is shaping up to have a lot of handy software tutorials for 3dprinting and the CNC machine. Hoping to get some CNC classes scheduled for the beginning of October (If not sooner!). I’d advise attending some, if not all of these classes, prior to heading to the CNC classes. Please share these events and bring some friends. Tickets are available on hive13.org.

Tiffany Bell-Horwath