upcoming classes and certifications!

Hi All,
Just wanted to send out a reminder for upcoming classes.

Tuesday 10-18 there will be a tuesday talk on painting
miniatures after the meeting.

Saturday 10-22 there are 3 classes scheduled:

  1. Molding and Casting Class
  2. Mill Certification Class
  3. Metal Lathe Certification Class
    November 5, there will be a large laser certification class.

November 11, there will be a CNC certification class.

Please make sure you are using our eventbrite page to RSVP. Some of these classes have a fee associated with them, and some require advanced purchasing of materials. It’s nice to have an accurate count well in advance.

Event brite link?

What are the times on the 10-22 classes. I have cub scout stuff obligations… might be able to squeak both in if the powers that be align.


Happy to oblige, but what address do I use for "behind the scenes" emails?

You can reach me at


Is there time to still sign up for the two classes this Saturday? I only ask because I haven’t yet but there is a fee involved.

I’m sure it is OK.
Right now there are just a few people.

Yes. Right now we are at 4. We do need a final count by tomorrow probably, so if we need to order more supplies we can do so.

All signed up. I could not find an announcement on the face book page.


If you are cruising the auction sites you can keep your eyes out for “end mills”.

Larger diameter ones are better, and carbide is better than High Speed Steel (HSS).
Anything over 3/8" can get crazy expensive. I’ve seen 3/4" diameter ones for over $100.
If they are in a crappy set that has been very abused I wouldn’t pay much without inspecting them.
Since they can’t really be sharpened economically they aren’t worth much if dull or chipped.

But if they are new . . . .

Feel free to forward anything you find.
Thanks for looking.

will do. haven’t seen any yet. but still looking. also keeping an eye out for a decent TIG welder.

Is there a sign-up for the laser and CNC classes?

It already ended this morning, sorry just read this post.

If it is on this auction site it will be there again... so never fear!


Would this have been a "good" TIG welder?

that would have worked. it’s a bit higher than I would have went for it. remember that you have to add around 25% for taxes and fees.

I get where you're going on the price for the TIG. I simply compared it to the amazon price after adding the seller fee and the sales tax aproximately 1/2 and considered that the condition is "appears new".

So a budget of something under $150 I suppose?

yeah that is more where I was leaning

Don’t be dumb. If we’re going to buy a TIG, buy something proper not whatever bs gets littered on bidfta. I’m all in favor of getting a TIG but come on… We spent good money on the MIG and got a good machine. What’s stopping this again?

I have made a lot of poor tool buying choices… I think the worst is not buying the tool :slight_smile: It’s always a cost trade off, features vs thrifty vs performance. From what I know of welding, Tig and thin materials are challenging to start. So, 240 vs 120 power and brand of welder can become important. Worst case? “Hey! That one doesn’t work well for what we want!” Some money lost, some lessons learned. Off now to put an improvised roof patch up so I can fit the latest tool in the outbuilding. (Can’t resist bargains)

My point was more “let’s just buy something halfway decent”

Ryan and I have both been researching and looking at high ish quality TIGs. Perhaps the time has come to put it to a vote?

I don’t believe we can buy anything else large money wise this fiscal year. If we got one I believe it’d have to wait till next fiscal year.