Up for grabs: Cold ship packaging

Does anyone have a want/need for cold ship packaging? I receive a medication that is shipped cold. It breaks my heart to throw the packaging away. I can provide you with one of these things every 8 weeks. Perfect for sending Smørrebrød to your brother-in-law in Minnesota or sliced tongue to a perfect stranger in Connecticut.
If you want one (or all of them) let me know. Otherwise I’ll put them in purgatory.

photo appears broken

Hmm… I’m seeing it just fine. I’ll try again… better?

Hi Dave,

No still broken, and I’ll finally fess up that most all of your mailing list photos are broken for me and I just assumed I was doing something wrong…


Very odd, when he first sends the image I can see it fine, but when I go back to look at the images i just see a grey circle with a minus sign through it.

Lets see if this image attachment fares any better: