Union Township Library 9/13/14: Makerfaire Program

My wife is the manager at the Union Township library. They’re trying to do a Makerfaire type program on Saturday 9/13/14 from 10am - 3pm. She asked if I could round up some people and things to demonstrate from the Hive.

Specifically, they’d really like to have a 3D printer (or two?) there for people to see. Any other projects that are “portable and safe for indoors” are welcome. Robots, artwork, etc.

Unfortunately, they’re limited by their lawyers. We will NOT be able to do the learn to solder activity that we did at the Washington Park makerfaire. My wife is checking to see if a soldering demonstration done by Hive members would be acceptable.

I know this is really far in advance, but wanted to make people aware of it.
-Dave B.

Hmmm, falls on one of the days of the real maker faire. Just a heads up!