unfuck what you fuck

The Hive is a community of MAKERS, We MAKE, this means we are capable individuals. I think we need to work on being a bit more responsible though:

Today, there is a large load of dirty dishes in the sink, and there were dirty dishes left out on the table…

One of the black spatulas is broken at the handle (and it was dirty so I had to clean it to use it)

The handle on the microwave has been broken for a few(?) weeks and I have learned that the door clunks when opened. So the problem is more than the door handle at this point.

When you fuck something up, UNFUCK it please, or at the least, let people know there is a problem - email the list, leave a freaking NOTE. SOMETHING so the problem can be fixed.

Thanks very much for contributing to a better Hive


Also, Remember which can is the TRASH can, Food waste does not belong in the recycle cans (the square ones) ROUNDFILE the trash (that’s the big round trashcan)

This is a great post! We need UNFUCK stickers!!