Ultimaker return to Hive

I’m bringing back ultimaker after I finish final upgrading. It’s been a journey. I’ve also added features that make it fail safe under conditions which previously caused bad prints or self-destruction at hive.

My out of pocket is not insignificant, but I’m happy to do it. However, I’d like have some simple terms in place before having it live at hive to protect hive and my own finances. This would be, essentially same as what Dave B is working on in more detail.

Hive will need to buy consumable parts:

Teflon spacers $10
Nozzles in all sizes (it takes E3D v6 nozzles - many good affordable varieties) $15
A new 35W-40W heater element (25W is insufficient, and the last one is pretty lame after prolonged overheating accident). $35
Any small item repairs (I’ll do the repairs if needed, but warden can purchase replacement fans, etc)
Themocouple / thermistor I’ve got plenty of spares ready now, but in future…

Hive community will be responsible for accountability of hive members (same as any hive equipment). I will not reclaim printer unless it is totally screwed up (like when I last reclaimed it). It can be moved with ample notice for use in UC classes, community activities, etc. This printer was purchased by myself, and also a grant designated to Hive, UC & community education community NPO collaboration, It is shared property.

However, the agreement is simply that it will live at Hive, not with me, be accessible to any cerified hive people as well as community folk. I have oversight, but am agreeing to make this hive property with me as sorta warden of it for renewable terms of time.

Essentially, this is like leasing or borrwing or renting a car (except free). You pay for gas, basic repairs, etc. If people take care of it appropriately, I have absolutely no need to repo. If it’s treated well, and not modded hacked or used for experimental use without my knowledge / permission, I relinquish my any right to take it home for use, relocate it for any period longer than a week or so, provide notice of relocation to partner NPO’s.


So, warden should get some nozzles, spacer, and heater if you want this to live at hive. Otherwise, it could live at DAAP and hive members could be allowed to come in during limited hours for usage.


Just for sake of exercise, would you mind taking a look at the RFC equipment lease I threw out there and seeing if you think it is flexible enough to suit the terms you desire by “circling yes / no” and filling in blanks? I think it can be made to work based on a quick reading of what you said.

Sounds great.

As a topic of discussion - Mike requested to be the fablab warden weeks ago and Dustin was happy to relinquish that title and yet the COO has yet to do anything about it. Anyone have an issue with this?

Dave - Yes, your documents are excellent and flexible. I will use them. In fact, I would like to insist on usage of such a document for the sake of transparency, clarity, and unambiguous sharing. It is as important to limit my own conflicts of interest from the Ultimaker, as well as protect the asset from abuse.

Tiff & Mike, Yes. Of Course.

Great work Lorin, thanks for doing this!

@Tiff - I have no problems with that transition. I remember it was several weeks before I was given official sanction to become Woodshop warden.

Print Wars Episode V – The Ultimaker Strikes Back!

Thanks Lorin for persevering on repairs and being willing to bring it back to the Hive. We now have 4 working 3D printers (with varying degrees of user friendliness admittedly) which is definitely a 1st for the hive.

Regarding fab lab wardening — I talked with Dustin about taking over the position, as various responsibilities have prevented him from spending as much time on fab lab as he hoped. I haven’t made it to the last few Tuesday meetings so I haven’t had the chance to talk to Greg (COO) in person about it.

I think that Lorin’s proposal that the Hive buy ultimaker consumables as needed is very reasonable. This seems to fall within the fab lab warden’s responsibility and budget.


The force is strong in these steppers…


So I pushed hard this weekend and finished the feeder upgrades and calibration. Behold, Ultimaker printing 120 mm^3 / sec without feeder slipping. After that, the 25W heater cartridge couldn’t hold temp, so I stopped it. Most ultimakers can only make it to 70 or 80, though :slight_smile:



I’m really proud of this, as I customized and designed this whole crazy feeder mechanism. It’s based on some open source designs, but with modification to make it more beefy and reliable in a shared setting.

Also, the optoencoder seen pauses the print if filament is not moving correctly or at all. Then, if the printer is idle for more than 30 seconds, the heater turns off, so it won’t melt and clog the works. This timeout feature was added at other points in the firmware to prevent disaster.

Can’t come in today, but I’ll bring it as soon as I can.


Looking good. Are those 3d printed cams? So is the true purpose of 3d printers to generate more 3d printers, like the grey goo?

Looks sweet, can’t wait to see it in person!

I’m going to order that material to machine tomorrow. The shipping is expensive compared to the part. Do we need anything else? More of the material to make a second thingy for a spare?

Man that thing is cooking... so fast

Thanks Dave. I can’t think of another use than just this part at the moment. Also, it’s an experiment, so I’m not sure if it’ll work as well as a thermoplastic. So far as I know ceramics are successful – heck, printrbot makes a ceramic hotend that doesn’t need active cooling.

We’ve become so spoiled. I remember when ordering ANYTHING from a legitimate industrial supplier cost this much to ship. Things have changed…


Yes Andrew.

3d printers’ other purpose is to occupy/waste a lot of time.

Dave, Lorin

If you get enough of the material to where we can take a crack at a few I would like to make one for my ultimaker 2 as well. For doing 3D printing Saturdays or days at the hive the oem ones take a beating. Let me know what to chip in guys towards it if ya could please.

Kevin, I made you some upgraded feeder parts too.

I appreciate it very much buddy!

I put new 0.4mm nozzle & 40W heater on the Ultimaker tonight.
Got it leveled and calibrated pretty well. Heater no longer has any lag, and has little problem printing really really fast (results may vary)…

So, I’d say it’s more than good to go for general printing.

I’ll try to make some time coming up to make some video tutorials on how to use, and work with Mike to get people certified.


Wonderful! Thanks for doing this Lorin.