Ultimaker extruder clogged

The Ultimaker extruder nozzle is clogged. I currently have it soaking in acetone (It was clogged by ABS) in the dirty room. It is sitting on the ladder near the AC unit. I will be in tomorrow to finish unclogging it around 12 noon to 1pm.

Did any of the melted filament get retracted up though tube? If so with the ultmaker I have ran into problems with abs where are the PTFE collar gets just a small skin of melted plastic on it and it acts like a nozzle clog on mine. I don’t know how in-depth Lauren got with you or if you have much time with the ultimaker 2 nozzles and extruder assembly and the PTFE alignment throat but when printing the ABS and if the temperatures get up there it’s really easy to fill that part up and get the feed to strip the filament and give you the clicking sound of death. I know a few of us will be down there this Sunday to work on power tool racing and building sections of the track so if it is something you are not familiar with just give me a heads up and I can throw it back together or show you.

When I get back I I will do a thorough cleaning of the printhead but also check and make sure nothing’s in the tubes

Quick update: Another Soak, This time with a more secure cover to help evaporation. The lid I had blew off by the AC I assume. I placed the .5 nozzle on the ultimaker to allow printing for the time being. Will be back in after I get off work this evening

I have some 0.4mm drill bits for cleaning 0.4mm nozzles, sometimes that’s all you need. I’ll bring a few to the hive next time I stop by.

If all else fails, you can burn the plastic out…


+1 what kevin said. However, if the nozzle is clogged, it’s easy to tell, as the removable nozzles on that upgraded unit just pop on and off. Fine to soak the nozzle. I’ve had to do it.

We don’t have a .5mm nozzle (we have .25, .4, .6, .8). Probably you threw the .25 on (it’s hard to read).

I have extra PTFE spacers, hot end, heater element, sensor, feeder parts, etc.
I keep em in my office so they don’t get lost, but I will replace as needed.

I’m now back from New Mexico, although tired from the last 1500 mile drive. I’ll do a general Ultimaker check-up when I come in soon.


Thanks, it was the .6 I typo’d that. I did give it a good cleaning and with the different head it seems to be working better. So once I get the head cleaned i will throw it back on.

I worked on it a bit last night. I’ll need to replace a few parts on the head (I just need to find the extra parts in my office). Will keep folks updated. Until then, no ultimaker. All nozzles are no go.