Ultimaker Bowden tube fitting

I took a look at the Ultimaker this afternoon, and it appears that the Bowden tube fitting on the back end is not holding the tube. I snipped off about 1 mm from the end (to get a clean end) and it is still not holding.
Not sure if the ferrule is messed up or if something slipped out.
The fittings like this at my work trap the tube when you pull up on them.
The small black ferrule just pops out of the chrome fitting.
Do we have any spares? If not, what do we need to order?
It is different from the Ultimaker website.


I will check in my spare parts from mine.

Them are a piece i’d recommend getting extra’s of they are low cost and they can easily get damaged. I have had to replace a few of mine on different printers over time.

How about duct tape for a field expedient repair?

I wouldnt recommend it, these items are cheap to order on amazon. https://amzn.to/2YPuMiR (first one i found from a quick search)

I made that Bowden holder so that it would be easily repairable (the original was not). The part needed is a 1/4" pneumatic press fitting with 1/8 npt male threads. Here’s the pack of 10 ordered for this:
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AXBVOZ6/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . These are de-facto standard for rep-rap bowdens & very easy to change, just unscrew and screw another in.

You will need to drill or ream the fitting to 1/4 i.d. so the bowden tube can be fully inserted and go through the fitting.

Just unscrew the old part and add a new one. These wear out, but are much more reliable than the stock fitting. Finally, gigabot uses these type of fittings, not sure if it’s exactly 1/8" NPT. You could try borrowing one from that machine.

While we’re at it, might want to consider converting the UM2 to 1.75mm filament and an e3d compatible hotend. Same reasoning – more configurable, common, fixable parts:




There are also various adapter plates that can be matched with various hotends (rather than full kits).

I put the 10 fittings on the warden spreadsheet.

I agree with Lorin on switching over to a 1.75mm filament for this, as well as the Gigabot (different thread should go on about that though.)

1.75mm filament is more common and becoming the industry standard.

I think I’d like to just get it working now and then look into getting it switched over as another option.

Sounds like a good plan. The fix should be able to go under warden budget, while an upgrade (for either printer) to goto 1.75 will likely need to be a voted item.

Forgot the pics.