Ultimaker and soldering iron loan


I loaned my Hakko FX-888 iron and a chisel tip to the electronics area until we repair and upgrade this area. Please treat it with respect. The iron has digital temperature control and readout (currently set in degrees F). Soldering with standard 60/40 solder, temperatures should be between 600 and 700 degrees. With the tip that is on there, I’d suggest 620 degrees or so. Please don’t exceed 700 degrees unless you know what you’re doing…

I will be proposing a vote for electronics area upgrades, but need to develop a thorough plan and budget before presenting it.

I may be taking the ultimaker out of the space to my workbench for a while. The damage is pretty extensive. I’d continue doing the work at hive13, but our electronics equipment is not in the best shape for precision work like this. Also, I will likely have to do a lot of printing to recalibrate everything, and it would be easier to have it in my office while I work so that I can monitor the prints.


After I am done with my fire department stuff this week I’d love to help. I can also bring mine to help print needed parts. It sucks that the printer got roasted so many prints in a row to burn up all of the components that bad. Than you for taking the initiative to get us back online.