ugh, snow!

First snow of the season, and SERIOUS cold, The temperature is going to be dropping all day (it’s barely above freezing at the moment) It will be below freezing by the evening rush hour.
Everyone please be careful and remember that Cincinnati drivers are idiots who have to relearn this ‘snow thing’ every year - and they learn it BADLY.


Welcome to the club. I’ve had snow since Saturday, and cold to match. In South Bend things were so blocked up Friday morning, that it took 3 hours to go 3/4 mile to an exit for the news crew who got stuck on the highway. You just have more people doing the same thing, and not knowing when to stop. Things were so bad Friday, that a Jeep pulled a semi up the hill in downtown South Bend!

I do not understand why this is. I learned driving in snow nearly as soon as there was some I had to drive in. I certainly understand THAT this is the case.

I do realize it has something to do with not realizing that pushing the accelerator down does not make the car go forward. At most it makes the wheels spin.
On dry pavement, that usually means the car goes forward, but in snow, often enough, it just means that the wheels spin, perhaps that on digs oneself into a hole, and melt just enough snow to line that hole with ice.

The biggest reason is because people don’t realize that they need to stop sooner, drive slower, and that they’ll be able to see less clearly. Combine that with wanting to “keep up with traffic” even when traffic isn’t driving properly and especially long stretches of nothing on the highways, and you get people screwing up the drive. People are people. Sometimes it’s just overconfidence that causes their idiocy.