UC surplus assets sale (1st Sat. of March) preview with pics

I often go to the UC assets warehouse on official business for my department. It is only open to the public on the first Saturday of the month for a public sale. However, I will take photos and summarize for you the line that is tagged for the next public sale whenever I can.

Most items sell for $2-$20. The Tek scope I picked up for my office was marked at $15… Computer monitors go for $30. This is a fire sale, everything is priced VERY LOW.

Items for march sale:

Photos of interesting items: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/dvt6m0isqaa6r9l/AAD6Int2FYndfFMxLQi03z3ga

2 Tektronix Logic analyzers (recent enough)

Misc. Tek stuff

The usual institutional stuff:

Furniture - desks, chair, a few lab desks, much much less than usual this month.

Computer equipment:

Many monitors most 19’ with VGA and DVI. Dell, HP & Visio circa 2008-2012. Very good condition. I get these often.

PCI cards, RAM, drives.

Boxes of unused bulk CAT5 cable.

switchers, routers, splitters, amplifiers, racks, rack ears, etc

much IT

All cables


Televisions - CRT, few LCD, many sizes

16mm projector

Audio power amps
Tascam DA88 8 track digital deck

Lab equipment pictured. Mostly older, but serviceable.

Water baths
Good glassware (some very expensive reaction vessels $2)
Big autoclave (functionality very questionable)

Meters, gauges

Petri dishes (bulk unopened) – I use these for storage and organization of small parts.

Various ephemera.

Many electromechanical devices in various states. These are an excellent source of good actuators, servos, belts, pulleys, sprockets, etc. I could build a hundred robots from 1 or two of these items.

A few of my favorites are gone: Complete anesthesia machine & tissue chopper.

Holy moley, a tascam DA88? I wonder what price they’ll have on that? When we did amature audio recording (conventions) we used that and the newer little brother, the '38, of course that was (cough cough) a few years ago, I guess there’s better digital audio recorders now

Nancy, that one came from my studio… I’ve still got all sorts of that stuff around for archiving. Reel to reel, DAT, Cassettes, 3/4 inch, radio carts. Remember cart markers?