Typewriter, ?

Just out curiosity,
Before I go scrounging to hard, thought see if anyone has working IBM Selectric typewriter in decent shape laying about. My mom’s looking for one to for envelop addresses. Has some junk off brand pos… tired fighting it…


horrribly late on this, but I have a selectric that may (or may not) be in working condition.
Still interested?


Oh hey John sorry missed this ,
Likely would be still interested, havent had a chance to resolve this yet was out of town Sept, course Im out randomly this month as well. Will be back Monday though.
Mostly in town during weekdays I think.

Sorry for delay getting back.



Out of town myself.

I haven’t plugged it in lately, but I can see if it responds, if you’re interested.


Cant hurt :slight_smile:
if nothing else it goes to a good home and you reclaim 2 sqft or so lol

will check and let you know

ok, it powers up, but the carriage won’t move.
it at least needs cleaning and lubrication, maybe that will do it.

if still interested, let me know!

John S.