Two air conditioners possibly dead

It looks like two of our AC units died. The one by the electronics area and the one by the meeting area. Will someone take a look at them and see if they are possibly fixable or if we need to buy new ones?

I’ll buy whoever does it a beer :slight_smile: (assuming age>=21 of course)


I will bring one down for the meantime and check em out, a lot of the portable units don’t have gauge hook ups to look at pressures however if it’s just one of the pressure switches thar went bad jumper wires work in the meantime :slight_smile: I’ll be down today during the day, did you label which ones were out?

Awesome, thank you for that. Even a temporary fix is appreciated now. :slight_smile:

The bad ones have not been labelled yet. One is the AC unit in the meeting area and the other is the one right next to the electronics bench.

The one in the meeting area seems to have the compressor continuously run, but not chill the air. I’m guessing maybe the lines have gone empty?
The one in the electronics area does seem to cool, but you have to set the temperature lower and lower on it.

Thank you Kevin!

I have extra window AC I’ve never used. It came with house. If it’s needed, I’d be happy to donate permanently. Not sure it works, though. I am unable to move it due to my disability, but I looked at tag. It is a GE “profile” ASM06FM room AC.

Also keep in mind that electronics AC shared electric breaker with metal room. That circuit is continuously being overloaded if it’s on and anything gets used on 110V in metal room… Not sure if that’s a contributor.

I have been running an extension cord to a different circuit in the metal room, if anyone will be down today around 330 pm we can switch them out…my one hand is not the greatest with grabbing things. Lol mine is pretty much new to I didn’t buy the cheapest but I have tested it out a few times it was bought to be used in my shed/extra work area however I have been doing most of my work at the hive so yeah