Turn off the cnc!!!!! Wed night

I just got a call from the neighbor upstairs, the Cnc appears to be running at 11:15pm still. We got to cut it off, it is extremely loud up there!

I can’t reallytell who it is from the spy cam.
It might be the new guy Paul. I’ll email him.

Looks like Paul Marsh and Ryan accessed the Hive last.

I’m thinking Paul is running the CNC. I emailed him. I don’t have his cell number.

Does anyone have the number for the wall phone? I think it is a Google phone number.

We should have some volunteer member contact info list somewhere.


Hey guys,
Really sorry about last night, by the time Ryan got down to shop I was finished...again sorry Ryan for making you come down and for breaking the noise curfew.
I didn't know how long the cut was going to run for as i didnt do a time check in v carve on my project.
I wasn't able to start on my project until 9:30pm because someone else had been using the machine for 6 hrs! Milling 3/8" recessed holes in 3/4" MDF using a boring g-code instead of a profile tool path.

Next time, when 10:30 hits I'll stop the program instead of letting it finish. Sorry for the frustration everyone. I know this makes me look bad the first time around; now I know better.

Perhaps in the future if someone knows they're going to be using the machine for an extended period of time, or the majority of a working day, they could be so kind as to send a notification out?
(We're all not retired and/or living in our parents' basements and can come to the shop when ever we want)

Thanks for understanding,

No worries.

We try to be good neighbors since the place is a good deal.
I think a reminder sign by the Big CNC might be a good idea.

As far as extended jobs, we’ve thought about a sign up sheet to kind of “reserve” the unit but it hasn’t really been an issue. Might not be a bad idea to show extended jobs (greater than 1 hour?). Let’s talk about it, I’ll start a new thread on the mailing list.

Hope it worked out for you.


It sure did, worked like a charm. :slight_smile:

Hey Y’all
Just to add a clarifying note. I was the guy running the CNC making the Shapeoko work holding bed. Three layers needed to be cut.
For a fact the job ran from a little before 6 pm until 9:30 pm. Could it have run faster? Maybe, but once set up it needed to run.

As for a sign up, not a bad idea, but it seems that this may be one of the rare cases where someone had to wait to run the CNC.
Frustrating to be sure wen it happens, but currently most HIVE equipment is rarely used.

Another point, as Paul noted, you don’t always know in advance the time a job will take which makes scheduling problematic.

Set up takes awhile, tweeks take awhile, then once set up it is stupid to stop a job in the middle. So an inflexible time schedule probably won’t work.

In obeying the noise curfew, a job can be halted, but should it be removed from the bed?
Probably not if it could be restarted the next day. As said before, the set up is time consuming.
In this case, a public dibs notice would be a good thing.

Now in closing, since I am retired, all I have to say is, It sucks to be working. Don’t it?



Thanks for the input Dave.

I placed a “Do not use during quiet time. 10:30pm-7:00am” sign on the Big CNC, Lathe and cabinet saw.

I have all the parts for a DIY decibel meter comparator. We could have it flash a big red police light or something if it’s over 90 dbSPL A-weighted after 10:30 as a warning. Or we could just have it text Ryan :wink: