Tufting gun and materials vote: $450

Me again!

We’ve had some interest in getting a tufting gun to make custom rugs and I’ve put together a vote. We can get the gun, frame, frame clamps, some starter cloth, carpet adhesive and a clipping shears for just over $400. The vote is 450 to cover tax and incidentals.

Of note is that I have an offer code that’s getting us $55 of the tufting gun!

See link below- the links to everything is commented on the cell of the spreadsheet.



I have no use for this whatsoever. However it looks mechanically complex complicated and extremely dangerous, count me in I’m a yes vote

that's a yes from me! I'd love to learn this, it would be so cool!


I am interested!
I vote yes.

I have used a manual tufting tool (of an old design) in the past. Its fun stuff.

Is this gun electro-pneumatic? Or is it all electric? Does it cut the loops?
And, what size range of materials can it take?

I apologize if those questions are answered in the Google Doc
I don’t seem to be able to open it.

Here is the link to the tufting gun and specs. There’s a really good FAQ section that should answer all your questions and more!



I vote yes!


I vote Yes!

Reminder that this vote closes tonight!


This vote has passed!