Hey, guys! I really enjoyed visiting you all last night. Thank you
for the very warm welcome. Hope to see you all again soon! -Lauren

thanks for coming by lauren. i'd love to see/help more crafting/art
projects and events come to hive13.

i have some friends who would like to do more as well, maybe we can
start doing a monthly craft event?


Thanks for coming Tuesday night. I enjoyed chatting with you and would like to see more of your cameo jewelry work. Can you bring some next week for an informal “show and tell”? We’re very interested to get more of a “crafty” mix of folks coming.


I'd like to, but I won't be able to come in until the week after
next. I'm still gathering supplies for the cameo making. Once I do,
I'll be applying for membership so I have a place to learn about Resin
casting in action (not just youtube vids). After that, I'll be more
than happy to do silly workshops.