Tuesday Voting

My anniversary is on Tuesday so I will need to vote by proxy. Do you have a finalized list of who all is running for what and what bylaw changes are up to be voted on. Odds are I will be voting to pass all the bylaw changes (especially the one where you can start voting remotely :wink:

Dave, if you could post an “official” list of what we need to vote on I will send my votes to you to be my proxy.


This page should be up-to-date now:



Also some clarification to the board members. I just setup a small business and the board member thing was a big deal there. Maybe not for non-profit but this was the person who gets sued if something goes wrong and they have to be filed with the state. If this is the case with non-profits we need to make sure that people applying realize that they become legally liable for the hives activities.

Since nobody is running against anybody and if the vote for 5 board members passes and we have 5 people applying I guess this years election will be really easy :slight_smile:

Via public proxy I vote to pass all bylaw amendments. I will send Dave my 3 votes for the board (just in case the 5 ppl ammendment doesn’t pass)