tuesday talks/headup for possible speaker

I just had a visit here at the Hive from Mimi, whom most of you probably will not remember> She stopped in here once or twice regarding a community garden that has been established just south of the salt dome along 75.

She was asking about the tuesday presentations, she is in contact with several local (camp washington area) people who are doing work with solar panels (electric) And wanted ot know if we would be interested in having them come to talk about what they are doing. (I said yes and told her to get them in contact with the leadership through the website)

she has three people in mind.

A homeowner(?) that has put solar panels up

A businessman who has put panels on the roof of their business (with a significant offset in utilities)

And a businessman involved with alternate energy funding(?)

Solar energy is a cool subject, I’m pretty sure people down here would be interested in this. right?


I would be interested! I’m not sure we need 3 talks about solar power, maybe take the 1st one that contacts us or see if they want to do a combined talk?
Jim Dallam is still the guy for organizing/promoting these talks.


I want to hear about biz vs. home and the technology of it.

Not so interested in hearing that it’s good for the environment that we are shipping jobs to China so they can destroy it. And stuff like that.

Ok I did suggest she contact Jim Dallam as well as Jim Shealey (sp?) I knew JD was/had been the cordinator for the talks. Between the two, I figured it would get to the right person.

It sounded like she was thinking of a combined talk.

I'm up for this as long as someone talks about solar freakin' roadways!