Tuesday Meeting Reboot

One of the issues that came out of our discussions on Sunday is that we should think about how we conduct Tuesday meetings.

What do you like about the meetings? What do you find annoying or a waste of time? If you were starting from scratch, what would you like to see happen on Tuesdays? We need feedback in a serious way.

A few of the ideas that have come up so far:

  • do introductions at the start of the meeting rather than the end
  • separate ‘business’ discussion from the regular meeting
  • make a better effort at including new people
  • set up effective telepresence (google+ hangout, video stream, etc) for people that can’t make the meetings in person
  • post meeting minutes to the mailing list

I’d like to start discussion here on the list, and we will continue it in person after tonight’s meeting at the Hive.


Good post Chris!

I'm preped (if DaveM and folks are willing) for us to try
introductions at the start of the meeting with a new "protocol" using
the new GIZMO arriving at the HIVE tonight.

I'll also have SUPER news to report on behalf of the Second Tuesday
Guest Speaker Committee about our first guest speakers for the Fall
series starting on Tuesday Sept. 11.

I'm getting in the car now. See y'all soon.