Tuesday May 13, 2014, 7:30pm at Hive13 is Ham Radio Night!

Link to Blog Post on the main site → http://www.hive13.org/?p=1521

Join us at Hive13 on Tuesday, April 8, at 7:30pm for Ham Radio Night. We will be welcoming Gary Coffee and others from the OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society as our May “Second-Tuesday-of-the-Month” guest speakers.

Amateur Radio is a valuable volunteer emergency communications service and public resource. Hear about the latest DIY developments in the field of radio art. Learn about upcoming events within the local amateur radio community; including ARRL certification and licensing opportunities. After the big one, these Ham Radio enthusiasts with access to a 12V car battery may be the only ones still on the air and communicating.

Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and those interested in learning more about the world of ham radio are welcome to come to our meeting and this presentation, Tuesday, May 13, at 7:30pm. (Find Us)


So where will we find the time machine to go back and attend this talk? :slight_smile: You put April 8th on the blog post and here.


MAY I take this opportunity to express my disMAY in this error. Thank you for your excellent (post -Post) copy edit talents! While a time machine MAY be an interesting HIVE project, that was not the intent. One can only imagine the MAYhem and confusion this causes!

Of the four MAY references in the text, three were correctly stated as MAY, but unfortunately one incorrect April cut-and-paste reference remained. Statistically, a reader MAY discern MAY to be the correct month, but that MAY be too much to ask. MAYbe the blog author was distracted, or MAYbe just inattentive. MAYbe the intent was to see if anyone would notice and reply?

At any case, the April/MAY error has been corrected on the website blog post.

Know that such corrections are always welcome. It is not about where you start from, but where you end up. MAY the force remain with you!

Cheers, Jim

Of similar interest is the upcoming fest in Dayton next weekend. http://hamvention.org/

If it were not for three days I don’t have to devote to it, I would suggest we set up a table and do the “learn to solder” thing.