Tuesday January 14, 2014 at Hive13 – DIY BioSci

Last year’s very successful “2nd Tuesday of the Month Guest Speaker Program” at HIVE13 kicks off the new year tomorrow night, Jan 14, immediately following the brief 7:30 pm general meeting.

The blog post http://www.hive13.org/?p=1419 only went up on the main site over the weekend so folks might have missed it.

Member Mike Horwarth (who is a UC PhD stident) will share a brief (30 minute) presentation on Hacking Genes: Synthetic Biology and DIY-Science.

Modern Biology has taken us from the double helix to genetic engineering and personal genomics. Biotech is now on the cusp of the synthetic biology revolution, promising to create radically new organisms using machine-written DNA. Citizen scientists are starting to explore these techniques, hacking genes in garage labs and bio-makerspaces. At the same time public unease with genetic modification is growing. Who will control this technology, and how will the DIY-Biology movement evolve? Mike will talk about the basics of synthetic biology, current projects in the DIY-Bio community, and ideas for DIY-Bio at HIVE13.

Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and those interested in learning more about this organic branch of hacking are welcome to come to the meeting and this presentation. (Find Us)

Stay tuned for further announcements on additional speaker/topics in the coming months. Several speaker/topics have come forward and others are in the works. Feel free to contact me with desired topics and volunteer offers.

Jim (currently exiled in Detroit)

This sounds interesting. Why do I have to be stuck here in Montreal?