Truck for pallet racks

I did not hear if we need to use the truck for the pallet racks. Did we win the auction?



Tiffany said she got outbid on them. Oh well :frowning:

Is that a challenge to build a bid-sniping bot?


I think so! We could still definitely use the pallet racks in the space.

Ok we will just bring the truck to the Hive and load it up for PTDR around 2:00.
I coordinate with the PTDR folks in a separate email chain.



Fastrack extend auctions when there is bidding at the end… Snipers pointless.
Good luck with PTDR.

Coy said he made a scraper…what is that?

Scraper goes through and collects information. Instead of having to click through page after page of pictures and descriptions for Fasttack, etc. it grabs all of them in one go so you can look at 500 of them at once or text search everything.

Not a member, but can I come along? I was allowed a booth, but I’m $$ not able to make it. I’ll make my Dad come along too. We’re in Aurora, IN. 869-795-4566.


Justin you had a booth at the Detroit maker faire last year? I have a terrible memory with things lol so is there a certain thing you do at the maker faire. As far as the going to the maker faire goes we just have a group that goes with the tool racing to the maker faire and they drive themselves. Lodging logistics is usually figured out way before an event and if anything is able to be reimbursed to the track crew that got things ready for the event and then work the event over the weekend can be nice if it’s there. Our main focus is to get the booth, track, truck, and materials there and break even. If anything else is offered towards lodging it’s a bonus. We don’t have any extra spots for this weekend but if your looking at wanting to do another faire the Cincinnati one is going to be at the Hamilton County fairgrounds this year.