At Hive right now, assembling my old trebuchet.
I will be out of town for a wedding next weekend, so won’t be able to help at makerfaire. What will the transportation be…will there be room for a 2nd trebuchet in the truck/van?


Right now I was planning on using our minivan to haul Will’s chucker.
If someone has a pickup we could haul both down.
We can drop off stuff on Friday if that is easier.

Gotcha. My trebuchet is only a little taller than Wills, but it does have a wider footprint.
I should be able to come to the meeting Tuesday.



We should name them Biggy and Biggier.

I probably won’t make the Tuesday meeting as our son is having surgery Monday morning and he will still be in the hospital.

I’ll try and write up some note about the upcoming maker faire. I got 10 wristbands for the workers and we can get more at the gate. I think we have enough supplies for the Learn to Solder tables.

Thanks for loaning your chucker for the fair. Could you throw together some instructions on the usage? I think you mentioned that it is designed for water balloons. Do you have guidance on the size?

I think it would be cool to make some kind of targets for the projectiles to hit. I was thinking cardboard boxes stacked up and maybe pie plates with shaving/whipped cream would make a nice “splat”. :slight_smile:



Here’s a 1-page info sheet about operating the trebuchet. I apologize that I didn’t make it to “play it again” sports, so there are no weights to go with the trebuchet right now…

I’ll be flying out to Washington state tomorrow afternoon and returning Monday. I’ll try to be watching this list if someone has questions.


mike trebuchet info.docx (14.7 KB)

Thanks Mike,

We will play it by ear at the event.
Maybe switch the weights to try something different. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep it fun. Enjoy your trip.


Today went really well. Thanks everyone for all the help. We were able to get both Trebuchet’s firing.
We only made one kid cry at the Learn to solder booth. :flushed:
I got another badge of honor after reaching across the table and resting my forearm on a hot iron. :dizzy_face:

Tomorrow, Sunday, we can just be at the Faire around 10:00am to set everything up. (We moved the chuckers inside because of the rain threat).

Overall it was pretty mellow. I think having two stations was fine.

Thanks again everyone for all the help.