Transferred DNS Registrar

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Well-played. I also moved my domains from GD to So far so good :]

Also consider - they're local. I used to work for them
and they're good honest people. I have all my domains registered
through them.

I moved my domains off GoDaddy to this morning. Process was relatively painless.

Apparently GoDaddy is no longer supporting SOPA… :slight_smile:

hahahaha! that is the fastest 180 from “We Love SOPA SO MUCH! This boycott means nothing, come at me bro!” to “DEAR GOD WHERE ARE ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS GOING!! WE HATE SOPA TOO”

I’d call it as only a 90. They didn’t say anything about fighting against SOPA - simply that they are no longer supporting it.

this just in: Page not found - Namecheap Blog

"As many customers have recently complained of transfer issues, we
suspect that this competitor is thwarting efforts to transfer domains
away from them.

Specifically, GoDaddy appears to be returning incomplete WHOIS
information to Namecheap, delaying the transfer process. This practice
is against ICANN rules."