I know some of you might be interested.

I have a few quadcopters willing to trade, no cash please just an old fashion trade. My wife has asked me to summer clean for the arrival of a 3dprinter so the trade is on.

If you are interested I will trade for most things especially flat screens to use in my 3d printer room, so I can watch some sports. just send me what you are willing to trade. hey Koi I know you are on top of the list

13 - 1.jpg

I hope I’m not too late to reply, but I would be very interested in a trade. My kids are expressing more interest in robotics, and I’d love to get a quadcopter base to work from. I don’t know if you’re still interested in a flat screen – I have an Acer S273HL that I’m very happy with, but could possibly let go. I also have a nice tabletop gaming collection that I’d be happy to trade out of as well. Not sure the best way to contact you personally, so I figured I should post here. I can be reached at hanclinto at gmail.