Topics for June 1 - Please Attend


In addition to the usual business to take care of, there are some big
questions coming up within the next two months that I think we should
all start thinking about now.

As you may or may not realize, July will be the one year anniversary
of the hackerspace as a Real Actual Thing and this brings with it a
little bit of SRS BIZNESS.

Some big decisions that we're going to need to make as a group

1) Should we sign up for one or two more years on our lease, and
should any of the lease terms change?

2) Elect new Board of Directors and new Officers.

3) Should we modify our Memebership Fee or Membership Types?

And add to that any other things we might like to change, like editing
the Bylaws, getting a new internet contract, getting some big AC units
installed in the space, and any other stuff you might like to bring

For those reasons, I'd like to ask that voting members make an extra
effort to come to the meeting next week, June 1st, so we can talk
about these topics and officially vote on them either this month or

Also, I'd like to ask that people that are interested in running for a
position on the Board or an Officer position, please let us all know
ASAP. Personally, I think it would be good to get the candidates
listed by this coming Tuesday so they could be announced to the
membership this month. The actual elections aren't supposed to happen
until July though, so we can accept candidates up until then. I'll
send out another email later about the elections detailing how it's
supposed to work and what the job duties are for each position.


Hack On,

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