Tool talk

I was thinking about starting a tool talk session for after the Tuesday meetings.

This would be the owner/expert spending just a few minutes with one of our major tools and introducing people to the capabilities and operation. It would not be a certification training, but more of an introduction. I don’t really see it being an official presentation but the owner/expert standing by the machine and going over some of the features. We could setup a schedule or decide by an online vote what the topic is.

Possible topics:

Drill Press
Metal Lathe
Cutoff saw
Metal band saw
Grinding wheel
Table saw
Wood band saw
Oscillating sander
Router table
Polar printer
Laer cutter
Solder station

So imagine after the Tuesday meeting is completed saying “tonight Brad will demo the drill press, go over to the drill press for a short discussion. Next week we have the router table”.

My thinking is that there are many people that just don’t know how to use some of the tools but they don’t want to ask individually or feel like they don’t want to bother the area warden with basic questions.

I was pretty much planning on doing this for the Table Saw in December. Great minds and all of that. :wink: