Just wanted to get a thread going on if there is anyone wanting help throwing a tool racer together or if any help is needed preparing things for the tool racing events (jim i lost you email). Also it would be cool too use this thread to see if we can get more people onboard to race this year.

Thanks Kevin, Hi all:

FYI - The Detroit Maker Faire is in four weeks, July 25-26. Our Power Tool Drag Race activity can identify six “assistants” to get in for FREE (first come first served) that will work a minimum of four hours during the Faire. I’ll be at the meeting tonight. See me and/or reply here to confirm if you want to be one of these assistants. A few of us will drive up on Friday for the setup. We’ll need more scheduled operating help for the general public match races and main tournament brackets on Saturday and Sunday, and all help is welcome for the pack-up/out Sunday afternoon. Area hotel rooms sell out early so think to book ahead of time.

More racers are always welcome/needed for the main tournament and exhibition runs. Quantity is as valued as quality in entrants. We will provide proxy drivers for makers that have/enter a racer but can’t attend in person to drive when their race(s) come up.

More tonight, JimD

Sounds good count I know katie my dad and I were planning on coming to help pack up and set up whatever for it so you can count us already, we all don’t need to get in for free though lol so whatever other volunteers you round up Is awesome